DJI Mini 2 or Phantom 3 Advanced - which has better IQ

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Re: DJI Mini 2 or Phantom 3 Advanced - which has better IQ

gebseng wrote:

The only problem with the Air 2s is that it can't fly in many areas where the Mini2 can, at least in europe.
I find that the ability to actually fly where you want to shoot has to be taken into consideration, specially with new rules for older drones.
I went with the mini2 exactly because the freedom it gives.

That's exactly my point. My question still remains, if the Mini 2 camera is not worse than the Phantom 3 Advanced.

I don't have the 3 advanced but I have some photos from the mini 2 that I can share with you if you want to take a look. 
But I do have the Phantom 4 original, that should have a similar camera.
If it helps, I could try to get some similar photos with both drones on my back garden. May not be ideal, as I can't fly them in my area, but could help.

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