Traveling with only a phone camera

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Re: Traveling with only a phone camera

I can't put up with the weight and longer when traveling by foot. I walked all over Rome and other Italian cities with my D7000, a 4" long 24-70 eq. zoom, and camera bag over my shoulder from breakfast until we got back to the hotel after dinner every day for two weeks. I ended up with a stripe across my back from the camera bag and the imbalance of weight of camera and carry-ons caused caused me to slide down and escalator on my back. Never again.

It seems like the vast majority of responses have been, "get a compact camera and re-think the phone only idea".

My phone is a new and takes good pictures so far, can so raw+jpg, and does really good HDR for when I'm shooting in harsh light. I guess I can use a compact camera for travel and use the phone as backup or for special situations when it's needed. I guess the simplicity of a pocketable camera that weighs ounces appeals to me.

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