Your verdict: RF 14-35 F4 vs EF 16-35 F4

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Re: Your verdict: RF 14-35 F4 vs EF 16-35 F4

dmanthree wrote:

spec68 wrote:

I haven't ever used either of these but my general rule of thumb is if I already have a certain lens range and f-stop in one mount then there is low priority to replace in a different mount is low priority unless the lens I own is hot garbage/obsolete.

Using this rule it seems like going from the EF to RF version is a lateral move. From what I've read about the RF version, the extra 2mm wide may not matter because of the unsuitable distortion at that point. So unless you really need those extra 2mm and your RF collection desires are otherwise complete I'd pass and save or use the money for something missing or with a higher need of replacement in your kit.

The lens does capture a full 14mm angle of view after correction. Without correction it's about 13mm. You don't give up anything.

I don’t think  that is true, there is stretching and cropping done  to the image.

why  they don’t do vignette free lenses are  to save money on less used glass.

the same goes for other RF llenses.

RF 24-105  STM @ 24mm after correction is not as wide as the 24mm on RF 24-105 F4L.

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