ZV-E10 cant open raw (.arw) files in LR or PS?

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OP geminihc Regular Member • Posts: 274
Re: ZV-E10 cant open raw (.arw) files in LR or PS?

found my own solution after some deep digging. i dont know whos fault this is, sony or adobe but i'm leaning towwards adobe since these .arw opens in luminar fine.

WORKAROUND for importing zv-e10 :

索尼ZV-E10新RAW文件ARW导入旧版本Lightroom - YouTube

this "hack" seeems like it just changes the zv-e10 name on exif to masks as a7r.,

basically it seems adobe simply does not recognize some name on exif. probably literally someone at adobe needsto add "zv-e10" as a support model , that's it. c'mon adobe.

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