Lumix DMC-ZS100, cannot turn flash on

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Re: Lumix DMC-ZS100, cannot turn flash on

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I have a Lumix DMC-ZS100. When I flick the flash up, the display still shows a circle with a line through the zigzag flash image which means flash is forced off. I have no idea how to toggle the flash mode to "force flash on" or "Auto". In Settings -> Rec, "Flash" is grayed out.

Are you using the electronic shutter, either explicitly or implicitly (eg, by choosing a very high shutter speed, or silent shutter? In particular, silent shutter deliberately disables the flash.

Thank God for this answer and this Forum. That the camera doesn't explain this itself is one of the many problems of the grotesquely unfathomable in camera menu. Yet the previous Panasonic Lumix point and shoots (to the FZ35) were 100% user friendly with menus that were the clearest in the business. Now the menus are designed to conceal as much as possible! Thanks again very much.

The newer cameras have many more features/ settings.

No mfg. (AFAIK) provides 'detailed' operations instructions in a camera's menu system.

All current digital cameras have far too many settings/ features to do so. They expect users to read the provided camera manuals—some as with Panasonic cameras are PDF via download. (NOTE: Basic Owner's Manual" is just that 'ONLY' the basics. You'll need to READ the "Owner's Manual for advanced features" for full info on using all the camera's settings/ features)

If you have downloaded and at least glanced through the amount of material in the PDF Advanced Features manual should be able to understand why detailed operations instructions are not in a camera's menu system.

Grant the Panasonic Manuals are not the easiest to follow/ understand, especially if one has not 'FIRST' thoroughly read/ understood the "How to use this manual" and
"Before Use" sections to understand how the various icons, notations, and nomenclature for camera's controls are used in the manual.

Current digital cameras have LOTS of different settings, and some settings will limit/ disable others settings; which can be quite frustrating to a user who is unaware thereof.

You do not need to read the "Owner's Manual for advanced features" cover-to-cover, read the sections pertaining to the settings/ features of the camera you want used.

The PDF manual is searchable; e.g., if you had done a search for "Silent Mode" you would had found on Page 225: (the search will each occurrence throughout the manual)

You may want to get:
"Photographer's Guide to the Panasonic ZS100/TZ100" by Alexander S. White; available as paperback, Kindle, or Nook.


Jon:  "The PDF manual is searchable; e.g., if you had done a search for "Silent Mode" you would had found on Page 225: (the search will each occurrence throughout the manual)"

Well done Jon, thanks for showing how a professional level user who has multiple cameras such as your estimable self has difficulty seeing what is needed to make menus user friendly for the rest of humanity.  You know already therefore you can't conceive of how to simplify in ordinary terms.  Does it not occur to you that the questioner above baffled by the blocked flash does not know that it is due to the Silent Mode being on, so cannot know to search for Silent Mode?

I have an Owner's Manual printed out for the FZ100 of which I have four and unless I was studying for a PhD in the art of not explaining very well I will not slog through its innumerable pages to see if I can unearth the solution to some malfunction such as their incessant tendency to try and send pics through wi fi without being asked.  Maybe you know the answer to that - the Panasonic repair guys do not.

To a professional journalist there is no excuse for not making an in camera manual simple and self explanatory.  What Panasonic could do but like everyone else never bothers to do is simply gather six freelance journalists together and give them all a free camera to write a simple manual.  But in the meantime we have to make do with books which do the job at the same length as the manual but in more palatable terms, such as the one you recommend which I will send for, so thanks for that.

At least we can depend on you and DPReview till Panasonic, Sony etc get their act together and teach people how these point and shoots are still better than iPhones.  Let's hope they can do it before the market disappears completely, though to be honest it is hard to think of why one needs a better camera than the ZS100, though as the owner of a ZS200 maybe you know better.  Yes?

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