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Craig Gillette wrote:

Definitely, it's business, you need a contract. If you don't have one set up, you'll need some sort of "fulfillment" process. Some sites allow you to share low res or watermarked images to order from, with a pricing structure in place. (Not a pro here and don't do this kind of thing so have seen/used this sort of site but don't have one.)

Without knowing the size or how organized the group is, it's hard to suggest how long it might take or what a reasonable fee would be. You want to be paid for your time and effort and not depend on "print" sales to get paid. Not that you should sell prints for free or a usable file but I'd be wary of depending on a lot of sales. With that in mind, you should cover copyright and availability of "more" prints versus their copying them. (Which they will anyways - another reason to make the money upfront.) You also want to cover any necessary rentals whether lighting, backdrops, etc., set up and take down time separate from actual shooting times.

Since I don't do this but am "in" several groups, I'd wonder if you reached out to them to offer the services or they saw what you'd posted and came to you. That might be something to consider when considering expectations and results. For example, I'd do a location shoot for my living history group probably for the fun of it for all of us when things work out to being less awkward for "group" activities. I wouldn't consider something like this for my church. More effort, more people, organizing, and they've become rather privacy wonky so just a headache I'd leave to someone else.

Yeah, thanks for the insights. Lots of things to think about. So I have taken many photos of the group in the past and posted them on social media. They have always commented on them and this past weekend I took some shots but I saw 3 other photographers there so I stopped shooting and left. I posted the few shots I got and got a message from them via social media. I do enjoy shooting their events but also got burned the last time I was going to do a photo shoot for a family friend who cancelled 2 days before , after I got a new lens for the shoot. I still use the lens but I know that next time I should get some kind of deposit and have some sort of contract . Sounds like I need a contract and a model release form for everyone.

I use lightroom to share my photos and back them up. Maybe that's a bad thing that people should pay for, not sure. But you can download all the photos in jpeg. I guess this is a thing though. I have been in a couple of photo shoots as a client and no photographer has ever giving me me a lightroom link . The best was reduced images website that sold high res images for money. Need to look into what you said about copyright of more prints and the availability of them. I think you mean make sure to charge for digital availability of images for the copyright, so they can share only those images they paid digital copyrights for the use in social media and only those images? I am not sure but I know one photographer said pay me for the print but you can't make digital copies and if you want digital copies it's $150 for all and after a year they will be deleted.

Anyways, thanks again for your response.

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