Sigma fp L colors - greenish tint?

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Sigma fp L colors - greenish tint?

I recently got a great deal on a used Sigma fp L, and bought it to supplement my other Sigma cameras: SD Quattro H, DP1Q, DP2Q, DP3Q, DP2M and DP3M.

Sorry for the ramble, but here are some observations on the fp L after a few days of casual use:

1) I'm very happy with the look and feel. It's solid and clearly a Sigma!

2) The operation is slower than my Sony A7R3, but faster than all of my Foveon cameras (which was already good enough for me).

3) Dynamic range is noticeably behind my Sony A7R3, but ahead of my Foveons (which were already good enough for me). My exposure strategy for the fp L is roughly equivalent to that of my SDQH-- I use ETTR and they both seem to tolerate the same amount of light-- but the fp L's shadows are much cleaner.

4) Processing in SPP seems to yield results with more pixel-level "bite" than directly through C1, even I desharpen in SPP (typically -1 to -1.2). Any thoughts on why?

5) The price-to-value ratio is really quite good, especially if you buy it used and you don't need an EVF. I wear big glasses and have always hated pushing them up against an EVF-- I hated it so much that I developed an unusual handheld shooting technique that offers stability without needing to press the camera up to my face, hence no EVF.

6) The silent / rolling shutter is a non-issue for my style of photography. I shoot still and slow-moving subjects.

7) Reminds me of the Sony A7R2, which I sold-- it's small, but not super comfortable/ergonomic, even with an added hand grip. I much prefer the ergonomics of the SDQH and DPXQs (yes, I love that weird thumb grip!).

But my biggest confusion/disappointment is with the colors. I shoot everything in DNG, 14bit, and Standard color mode. There seems to be a greenish (teal) tint in all of my photos. It's atrocious when directly processed in C1 using the supplied camera profile. Ironically, the issue completely goes away when I apply a different manufacturer's profile (e.g., Sony, Nikon, Canon) supplied by C1. Obviously, that's a workaround, but I didn't buy a Sigma to use another manufacturer's profile!

The other workaround is to first process in SPP before running through C1 for local adjustments and sharpening (but not white balance or color work). The results there are definitely better, but I still see that tint. Anybody else have this experience? I was really hoping to see a continuation of that Foveon lineage here-- colors that look accurate and pleasing right out of the box, without having to do significant post-processing work

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