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Does anyone have any tips and ideas for doing a group photo ? I never have charged anyone but I have been taken photos for a couple of years . I have an a6400 with a couple of lens: Sony , 35/50 f1.8 , sigma 16 f1.4 and Sony 18-135. So I have taken many action shots of the group and posted them on social media. I go to their events 2-4 times a year and then was wondering if anyone has any tips to share and what I should charge them? I am assuming eveyone will want a photo in the group with the addition of the group shot . I am thinking 100 an hour with a min of 2 hours and 20% deposit. Thanks.

Ask them (the person(s) who will be paying you) to write down exactly what they want and expect you to do for them. Then, give them a quote detailing exactly what you will provide. That would be your first step. If you don't do that, you will be sorry!

Once you have a 'contract', you should have no problems getting what you want, and giving them what they want. In otherwords, everything should be known up front, and in writing! If you don't do that, you might run into problems later, just incase either you or they are not satisfied with the final product.

Bottom line is, get it in writing when it comes to charging money! Also, no matter what, get 50% up front, not 20%.

Great suggestions. Thanks.

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