Nikon 200-600mm When?

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Re: Nikon 200-600mm When?

I’m also waiting for it. Its a bloody wait for everyone, retailer’s and customers. I did some research learned the main issue is chips shortage. That also includes refrigerators and other electronic appliances. the shortage is a combination of multiple factors. The earthquake which damaged a major chip factory.
shipping is backed up with hundreds of ships queued waiting to be offloaded.
shortage of man power, and add the pandemic to the mix.  Everyone is suffering. Nikon, Canon, etc are stuck! Stuck for real!  If someone needs a specific lens, these days you gota grab whatever is available.

I was at B&H in store and actually tested the Sony A1 with the Sony 200-600. It was in stock. I love Sony (Their Menu not so much). I decided financially to rather get the Z7ii (already have the z6ii) which was a actually confirmed to be in stock in about 3-4 weeks, use the z70-200 with the 2xTC - the TC I found on Amazon under Nikon’s store (Nikon’s store on Amazon sometimes have stuff no one has)  The Z7ii on DX mode, I have 600mm reach at 20mp.

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