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My 2c. It depends how you want to tackle this. There are those that get used to it or put up with the weight because they are in photography mode. If you want something smaller and you want the 24-70 equiv then maybe M43. I went with a preowned Fuji XT1 but I am going with primes bc the 24-70 equiv still a decent size for my travelling yes no car, 2 weeks in warmer months city sightseeing like many tourists I guess.

You can obviously use a phone then for other more specific days or outings you are in photo mode use your dSLR but I found that preowned stuff like from 2014 are not that expensive and they can be so much more compact like APS-C and M43 gears.

There is also the Sony Rx100 series. I went for a Ricoh GR first version preowned just bc I can be OK with the single prime lens and it is small.

To me a phone is OK I know other photog people that do that on trips, they only go there with a phone. You do loose the ability to use a proper camera and when you get back you cannot pixel peep etc .. but if one is just making smallish prints and online only it might be OK. For me anyway, even with using a FF dSLR or medium format film much of my stuff are appreciated at the start but later on they don't often get visited other than shared online with others.

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