problem with black showing in yellow while doing nozzle check.

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A word of caution with this suggested cleaning procedure.......

The ink cartridges for the R800 sit on top of the print head.  The ink path from the cartridge to the nozzles is extremely short.  The syringe cleaning method of back sucking will work without any damage.

The P600 ink flow path is very long - cartridges go to a cartridge holder that is underneath the carts, there is a U shaped ink channel with a very thin mylar film heat sealed on the top of the U channel, on  to the ink feed lines to the damper U shaped channel feed plate with again a thin mylar film heat sealed on the top of the U channels, then to the dampers and on to the print head nozzles.  Back sucking with a syringe can get air into the print head and dampers which is a bear to remove on a P600, usually takes the Ink Initialization Mode of the Epson Service Adjustment program which will consumes about 40% of all your ink colors.  Now if one forgets, or tries, to pressurize the ink feed system with a syringe you can burst/lift the mylar film heat sealed to the 2 U shaped ink feed channels rendering the printer useless .

Vernon, your 3880 has the same exact ink feed system as the P600 so a word of caution if you ever attempt back suck, or pressurize using a syringe.

Bob P.

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