SpyderX: Calibrating monitor on warm or normal color temperature?

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Re: SpyderX: Calibrating monitor on warm or normal color temperature?

Afura wrote:

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Afura wrote:

I am trying to calibrate my second monitor (Acer XV272UP) and I was told to do a factory reset before I calibrate my monitor. The weird thing is, the color temperature after resetting the monitor is on "warm" for my second monitor, whereas the color temperature of my first monitor if I reset it back to manufactory settings is on "normal".
On what color temperature should I calibrate both monitors? Should I let the Acer on "warm" and my first monitor on normal? Or should I put both on normal or both on warm color temperature for calibrating them?

Are both monitors the same model? If not then you need two profiles or to just do all your critical work on the properly calibrated monitor.

Hello. I am using two different monitors, an Acer and a Dell. The Acer has after factory reset warm as default color temperature and the Dell has as default settings neutral as color temperature. So I am calibrating the Acer on warm and the Dell on neutral, so I was not sure if I should put both monitors on warm or neutral.

Just follow the software's directions in adjusting the monitor' settings and then look at them side-by-side to see if they look reasonably close or not.

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