2021: Wait on Fuji Update or Move to Full Frame (Canon/Sony Mirrorless)?

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Re: 2021: Wait on Fuji Update or Move to Full Frame (Canon/Sony Mirrorless)?

procto21 wrote:

With no major Fuji body updates on the horizon other than the H-2 in mid-2022, I have been researching a full-framed alternative from Canon or Sony. If I sold all my Fuji gear, it looks as if I could snag a new or lightly used entry full frame mirrorless (Cannon EOS R or Sony a7III or a7C) and one or two zooms to start.

for better af, you won't get there with eos-r, it'll need to be r5 or r6.

what you want for shooting action is a stacked sensor body... a used a9 currently has the best af r.o.i. on the market by a wide margin.

if you hope to shoot action for the next 10+ years, invest in a brand that'll deliver stacked sensor bodies... canikon is finally doing that, and there are rumors that sony has made a stacked m4/3 sensor, which could be really good for olympus.

fuji uses sony sensors, but if sony makes a stacked sensor for x-mount, it'll immediately render the a6xxx line largely obsolete... sony would have to release a stacked sensor crop e-mount camera before they sell a stacked sensor to fuji, but it would unfortunately compete with their own a9/a1 lineup, which is why they haven't done it so far.

on the other hand, the sony sensor division is supposed to be independent, if fuji wants a stacked sensor can they get it now?

moral of the story; think long-term as a mount investment.

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