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Re: A point about the DSLR/.vs./MIRRORLESS

anotherMike wrote:

In the case of the 50/1.8, the comparison is invalid because the Z mount 50 is *a lot* better than the F mount 50/1.8 lens. Even if we stayed in F mount, the 58/1.4G or the Sigma 50/1.4 Art, both considerably superior to the 50/1.8G or AFD, are bigger lenses, so in this case, it's apples and oranges.

The Z mount allows for the potential of better optics at the wide to normal range and we're already seeing this. I've shot all variants of the F mount 24-70/2.8 zoom, and the Z mount 24-70/2.8S is lighter, smaller, and optically quite a bit better. So if you were to run a D850 plus 24-70/2.8E VR against Z7-II with 24-70/2.8S comparison, the mirrorless wins, *and* you'd have a better lens.

These sorts of comparisons are tricky because the best in class F mount glass (and frankly very little of it is Nikon brand), are huge/heavy F/1.4 designs. Can't fairly compare them against F/1.8 Z mount designs. However, I'll say this, while there certainly are some lenses in F mount that are better than anything in Z at the moment, they are also much bigger/heavier and as such, what the Z mount combination offers is weight savings perhaps with a corresponding "not quite as good" optical performance that still may lie within the threshold of when good enough is good enough for a user. It's not so cut and dry.

One of the things I'm working out personally over the "offseason" for me is that as a dual system shooter (D850, D800E with best in class F mount glass along side a Z7, the amazing 20/1.8S and 24-70/2.8S zooms) is what combination of my collection offers me some weight and portability savings while still offering very high image quality, and early indications based on some ongoing large print tests are that I'll likely carry the D850 with the Zeiss 25/1.4 and Zeiss 135/2 Apo Sonnar and use the Z7 with the 20/1.8S and either the 24-70/2.8S zoom or some other Z primes to fill in the gaps in between, and that will be a lighter kit than my previous all dslr/f mount lens kit for sure.

At present, I don't need the attributes of ML, but that said, if the Alpha 1 was $6500 Cdn the same as the US price, and not $10,000.00 Cdn, I'd pick one up for things that move. It seems to be that good.

I think you may be justifying your decision a little using the f 50 1.8 in a comparison. That's a $100 lenses all day long used, and you're comparing it to the aprox $950.00 Cdn 50 1.8S. Run it up against the Sigma 40 1.4ART. Certainly no more apples to oranges than your comparison.

Seeing that you said "I'm pretty much a prime shooter" how far would one be off the mark by covering off the 24-70 range with all f mount primes on a D850, including your Zeiss 25/1.4, Sigma 40, Sigma 50 and even the 70mm end of whichever f mount 24-70 is your personal pick as the best. Seriously, how close would I be to S IQ?? Close enough to not spend many $1000s of dollars to switch systems.?? Cause that would leave me to believe that a lot of this could be written off to gearheads and the occasional fanatic, neither of which will carry Nikon in the future.

Obviously the development money is going to go into ML, and the Alpha is more than close enough to "there" or more than "there" for BIF and wildlife but the price is not "there" as Nikon Canada is charging the currency exchange on the full retail US price and not the fraction of it that Nikon Canada actually pays for the product. I get the reasoning, but it's a protectionism thingy - do the exchange as it should be done and many Americans would buy in Canada.

Considering this is the f mount DSLR forum, there seems to be a whole lot of "stuck records" here in defense / support of the Zees. Say it once and leave it is the new rule.

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