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Re: Maybe not quite so simple

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

This is simple. A tiff typically uses lossless compression, jpeg does not. How much "loss" when you compress a jpeg depends on the "quality" setting. There is loss even at 100% quality.

On one hand, TIFFs can be saved uncompressed or with any one of multiple types of compression, and AFAIK, at least some software allows saving TIFFs with lossy compression, so with TIFFs you have to at least be careful.

On the other hand, if you save JPEGs with absolute maximum quality, then in the large majority of cases it will take a bunch of load-edit-save cycles before visible quality loss occurs.

AFAIK if you save from Photoshop as a .psd, or from Affinity Photo as its native format (forget what they call it), or from GIMP as an .xcf, then there is no issue of possible quality loss.

Yup, you can save a tiff with loss-full compression, just not typically. I'm unaware of any pixel editor that defaults to loss-full compression for a tiff.

I totally agree with you, with higher quality jpeg compression the quality impact (even with a few saves) is minimal and in a lot of cases not something to be concerned about. Put your (not you, the person I'm replying to but hobbyist photographers in general ) energy into timing, composition and lighting.

Not to beat a dead horse to death but... Unless you intend to print on a high end printer the marginal gains to be had from one sensor/lens/raw converter/file format to another in the same class only satisfies the pixel peeping photographer and forum snobs.

Not that anyone should care, but when I might want to do large prints and need better than SOOC jpegs I shoot RAW->DxO PhotLab 4->TIFF->Photoshop->PSD and then off to my fav printing service. Often, I shoot my color calibration card and do a custom profile in such cases. Otherwise, iPhone or Sony RX100M7 SOOC jpegs. I just don't see hours in front of the computer to then text the images to a few friends or family members.

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