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Re: Missing the point--what GIMP cannot do

charlyw64 wrote:

His Dudeness wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

(Darktable tutorials recommend starting with exposure compensation. Is this standard?)

The scene-referred workflow is centered around nailing middle gray. filmic keeps middle gray constant. So, it makes sense to adjust exposure quite early. So is white balance, as it is a fulcrum of color grading in the color balance module.

And therein lies the whole problem of that approach - it is completely counter intuitive to settle on a color grading unless you are color grading video where each frame must match the settled look.

In photography the frames can be widely differently exposed to begin with, even when I am shooting several aspects of the same subject it's often the lighting that is intentionally different and thus having to settle on a color grading makes no sense whatsoever for me, and neither does fixing middle gray -

Sounds like you think that the scene-referred workflow is about treating a set/series of photos like a movie It is not. Of course, each photo is processed independently.

At a glance, the (technical) point of the scene-referred workflow is to keep the data in the processing pipeline as long as possible in a physically meaningful representation (linear encoding and unbounded dynamic range). Algorithms in this section of the pipeline can benefit from this representation in different ways.

The filmic module does the tone mapping from an unbounded dynamic range to the bounded dynamic range of the display, mapping middle gray in scene-reffered to middle gray in display-referred. Hence, middle gray is basically the fulcrum of the tone mapping. This is the simple reason, why it makes sense to define middle gray in the particular photo early.

Talking about color grading here, simply refers to color correction, primarily using the color balance module in darktable. From a user perspective there is nothing really different to other applications, which come with similar interfaces. For these color corrections the white balance is the fulcrum and it makes sense to set it before doing the color corrections. It's that simple.

...he resorts to foul name calling [..] discourage anyone putting in much time into that crap. ..

Maybe, you should rethink your wording as well.

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