D5500 exposure bug

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Kazmarov wrote:

Yes - I did that too with DxO Photolab just in case but the difference was still there. It does not happen with my d5500 (i.e. no discernible exposure difference between touch triggered live view & shutter triggered exposures). My d5500 is on firmware 1.02c.

It will be interesting to hear Nikon's response should the OP be kind enough to share it on this thread.

Ok, so, I know this ending is a bit anticlimactic, but here is the state of the affairs.

I upgraded the firmware from 1.00 to 1.02. Initially, even after turning it off and on a few times, the camera continued to exhibit the strange behavior. But then, after I cycled through the release modes (single, continuous L/H, quiet, etc.), the bug just vanished in thin air.

This is one of those instances where humanity will never know what really happened and I don't plan to invest time to investigate any further the surreal origins of this bug through an endless rabbit hole. I'm just glad the order of the universe has been restored.

Reason shall prevail!

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