Replace aging MBP with iPad Pro for Travel?

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Re: Replace aging MBP with iPad Pro for Travel?

acnomad wrote:

It sounds like the general consensus is that a MBA would be a good solution, but I'm still trying to dig deeper into the idea of using an iPad for two reasons: (1) it is still less to carry

I travel light with a single carry on bag and medium size daypack. An MBA is worth the relatively minor increase in size and weight. I draw the line at the 15" MBP even though the daypack interior sleeve can just barely accommodate it. 13" is a lot more manageable. . .

and (2) it can be used gate to gate (unlike laptops, phones and tablets don't have to be shut down and stowed for takeoff and landing).

That is an extremely limited period of time that a computer cannot be used. Do you really plan on doing some essential editing tasks during those minutes?  Especially landings, when most of us are focused on preparing to get off the plane as quickly as possible. . .

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