Why are some of my RAW files pixelated in certain areas?

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Re: Why are some of my RAW files pixelated in certain areas?

pannumon wrote:

It's probably one of the following:

  1. You are viewing the image at higher than 100% view (pixel-to-pixel).*

That's what it looks like to me.  Any image will look like this if you zoom in high enough.

  1. You are viewing the preview image that is embedded to the raw image, not the actual raw image.**
  2. You are using digital zoom or similar. With my Panasonics this is not even possible while shooting raw, I am not sure about Canon.

*In some cases when you look at magnification higher than 100% the images is smoothened so that you cannot see the pixels. If you want to pixel-peep, you probably want to see the pixels (in 200% view 1 pixel in the photo is displayed as 2x2 = 4 pixels).

**While operating systems and applications may seem to be able to handle raw images on they own, they don't. You need a separate program to do that. The image shown by operating systems and basic applications is a preview of the image. Typically this image has much lower resolution than even the normal JPEG/raw image.

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