Current State-of-the-Art in SPP Processing Alternatives?

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Re: Current State-of-the-Art in SPP Processing Alternatives?

D Cox wrote:

joe173 wrote:

D Cox wrote:

If you have Photoshop, there is a Sigma plugin that can be used to import X3F files. Definitely worth trying.

I wonder if it works in Elements ?

I don't like Joe's advice to take fewer photos.


Oh. I should have rephrased. Take photos only worth your time and within the domain of such a wonderfully built eccentric little camera! For myself I found 20-40 photos per event was more than enough, and around 100 for a multiday trip. Any more and I found processing too tedious. SPP has gotten faster over the years as has hardware.

I really did learn how to make each shutter click count. it made me slow down and think. It made me learn to carry around a small tripod and accessories. I always watched the heat and tried to keep the camera cool. I learned how to stack images in photoacute. I learned and used every setting in SPP for each photo.

In that case I agree. This is the approach I carried over from film. A DP-M battery is like a cassette of 35mm film.

If I were shooting sports I would use a different camera and take far more photos, or perhaps extract frames from video.


Exactly. This is a quirky little camera due to the vast amount of data being generated by the sensor. It's really wonderful for certain uses, but lacking in others. I did buy the AC adapter so I can use an external power source/large battery. But the processing slowness always made me consolidate the number of photos taken. I always saved in 16-bit TIFF and backed up to name-brand Bluray discs, same as I did with my 1-2GB 35mm slide film scans.

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