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Re: Editor's native file format

This is simple. A tiff typically uses lossless compression, jpeg does not. How much "loss" when you compress a jpeg depends on the "quality" setting. There is loss even at 100% quality.

Once data ("quality") is lost, it's gone. The OPs assertion is correct. One way to minimize this is to never edit the original jpeg but always make a copy. Of course, you need to re-do any previous edits with each copy of the original.

As to "native" file formats, they often encode information beyond just the image. Layers for example. If preserving that kind of information from session to session is important, then using a native file format is the way to go.

If, in the end, these files are going to be posted on social media, emailed or texted for viewing on a phone it just doesn't matter. The recipient is unlikely to notice any difference.

I LMAO every time I see the effort that goes into huge raw files out of a Sony A7R4 (as an example) only to have them never viewed on any device more capable than a smart phone screen by anyone other than the original photographer.

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