Just come across this review of Nikon Z 28 2.8 SE...

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Re: important to look at several reviews

Jeff_0000 wrote:

peripheralfocus wrote:

For many reasons, it's important to look at a range of several different reviews of a lens, from different sources, and try to reconcile and/or aggregate the results.

That means nobody should be too worried about a single lackluster review and, conversely, nobody should get too excited about a single rave review. No single review is definitive.

If I'm interested in buying a lens -- and I have a modest interest in this one -- I prefer to have half a dozen reviews to consider before I start forming any tentative opinions. That's not always possible, but I certainly won't form any opinion based on only one test.

More tests helps to even out the potential effects of sample variation and tester error, although, obviously, it doesn't eliminate them.

Agree. I don't see many reviews of this lens though.

Matt Irwin said a few weeks ago in his YouTube-channel that he would test the new Viltrox 24 1.8 against the Nikon 28 2.8.

Here is a first look from Ricci.


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