G9 vs. Z6 @ 2.8 in low light

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Re: No ...

Wu Jiaqiu wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Good grief. What's wrong with you guys? Hijacking a thread to wage personal wars?

Sorry, but don't blame for going off topic. I wasn't and am not.

The OP has already said they're not interested in your mile-long exchanges that do not answer their question.

What the OP actually said was that he had difficulties following technical exchanges. The one on depth of field, which is relevant to the OP's question and that Wu Jiaqiu choose to enter, is one that I have reason to think he can follow. It's not my fault that it is less legible than it should be.

Furthermore, if no one countered faulty contentions, neither the OP nor anyone else would know that and why they were faulty. This is a public discussion, not a private exchange, and what's written is not meant for the benefit of the OP only.

i mentioned why no one is talking about subject distance and so on,

And I pointed out that was matters is magnification, not just distance.

you offered a single picture and for you that argument was complete

For reasons explained, it wasn't since we can easily compute that the DoF would be the same for an FF camera shot at an equivalent focal length and an equivalent f-stop.

as for faulty contentions it seems that ISO invariance and concert shooting are well known, first result after a google search, that article blows any argument you have out of the water, job done cya mate

Oh so you've finally found the term I thought you were desperately searching your memory for. Yes it's ISO invariance, not sensor invariance. Now please explain to us how ISO invariance can somehow magically help FF sensors outperform MFT sensors, as you claimed.

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