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Yesterday I went for a walk in the CBD of Johannesburg. South Africa is renowned for its phenomenally high violent crime rate and yet we were keen to give it a go - too much time spent at home and not getting out so why not. We stuck to the western part of the city where we were told it was OK-ish to A) walk around & B) take photos.

My friend had her Galaxy smartphone and I had my XT2 & 35/2. I got some good shots

Downside - I got a lot of unwelcome attention because of my camera setup. People stared at it, more than my attractive partner with her smartphone.

So that got me thinking to either get a better smartphone OR get a smaller camera, like the GX85, which should not draw that much attention and is relatively less expensive so I won't mind too much having to get another one if needs be.

From a photography point of view, I'd rather go the camera route than a new smartphone. I enjoy the interaction with the device and can work with its limitations as opposed to a phone that won't meet my expectations as a photographer, even if I shoot raw.

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