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Re: Traveling with only a phone camera

PS :

I would say the "anyPhone" is comparatively better at doing video than it is doing photos.

That is your phone videos will look better when compared to a "better" camera than your phone photos will look compared to a better camera's photos.

Even if you add in s-log and bitrate in better cameras, which I admittedly don't completely understand, YET. But that is all about fine tuning and what "feel" you can achieve post processing, which is again a completely different skill than just shooting the video. It is also admittedly much easier/simpler to post process a photo.

But this is also about how we consume the content I would argue. We won't view a video we make in the cinema, MOST likely. BUT we are much more likely to want to produce a big print of our images.

Video is more forgiving vs static photos.

Disclaimer : I am not a video buff, nerd or critic.

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