DJI Mini 2 or Phantom 3 Advanced - which has better IQ

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Re: DJI Mini 2 or Phantom 3 Advanced - which has better IQ

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Len-O wrote:

The Mini 2 performs well above any expectations. However, currently if you are looking for IQ, and flight performance at a reasonable cost the Air 2S is the answer. Personally I would seriously consider the Air 2 S. The other consideration would be to wait for the release of the Mavic 3, but that is going to be priced over $2K. The only advantage the Mini 2 has is that it is sub-249g, and affordable.

Most knowledgeable buyers looking for that class drone are waiting to see what improvements to camera, and flight performance come with the anticipated Mini 3, and how the announced Autel Nano performs in the sub-249g market.

Look at the samples in dpreview reviews for both Mini 2 and Air 2s.

I believe Air 2s is he way to go. Mini has ok video, but still images are mobile phone quality. There is a big leap in IQ there, noise levels, DR and crop-ability.

If the new Mavic Pro 3 brings 24-48 lens with 1" sensor it would be the obvious choice for me, otherwise I'm likely to get the Air 2S even though the lens is a bit too wide at 22mm for my taste.

The only problem with the Air 2s is that it can't fly in many areas where the Mini2 can, at least in europe. 
I find that the ability to actually fly where you want to shoot has to be taken into consideration, specially with new rules for older drones. 
I went with the mini2 exactly because the freedom it gives.

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