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LillyLo wrote:

Hello, here I am back to the fullmoon subject. Theory says to get the moon surface you need a high speed and a low ISO. Well if I have that with manual setting, it's impossible to catch even lightly the objects (ie buildings, tree branches etc) of the foreground. A detailed moon is possible only alone, for what I understand. What am I doing wrong?

If you want to capture the moon and other scenery together in single photo, your best bet is to take the photo when there's still some residual light from the sun, i.e. shortly after the sunset or before the sunrise. That may be sufficient to reduce the contrast between foreground objects and the moon into a manageable range. In time of full moon, the moon will also be fairly low on the sky, which probably will make compositing it with foreground scenery easier.

Even if the foreground still looks too dark, you may be able to lift the shadows in post-processing to achieve the desired result, especially if the image has been show as raw.

The other option is to take multiple exposures, one correctly exposed for the moon and one or more for the foreground scenery and combine them together in post-processing.

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