Color/Luminosity separation

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Re: Doesn't work this way, LAB is not helpful.

Currantos wrote:

gordonpritchard wrote:

Why not change to Lab mode then copy the L channel to a new document make your edits then copy that and paste back into the L channel of your original image?

somehow I was not able to do that.

It's like LAB locks you out.

Do you have a way to do that?

I copies the image to new file. Converted to LAB there. Went to channels, copied the luminosity.

But then when I tried pasting anywhere it won't let and same in reverse, it won't accept backward.

Would be nice to try

That's because you are trying to copy Lab information to an RGB document. Doesn't work that way. You would have to convert to Lab, make the edits you want in there, and then convert the result back to RGB. Then you can copy.

So still my question: what kind of edit would you like to do, so we can see if there is an easier workaround. Describe the result you would like to get, not the proces that you think will get you there.

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