Rf to mft mount possible?

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Re: The RF R3ii is already on the drawing board

mr. Caldwells reply is most appropriate, But before adding to it, allow me to complain about the inordinate difficulties of logging in when absent for a while; the aphanumeric codes required , do not work ,  so I was forced to re-register.

Yes, a companys economic muscles does count, especially when selling to the fashion market. However, those who take the trouble to  learn the ins and outs of photography may well be another market (which Nippon Kogaku and  Leitz for years have catered forr.

A basic cosideration when adapting optics is whether one takes time to select the motive, and really need autofocus and autoaperture, If not, a simple mechanical adapter is sufficient and the camera makers can compete on viewfinder  & sensor qualities, while having short mount-to- sensor distance and not try to excel in on the number of buttons and features. Although I realize that neo-luddite simplification to only DNGs out no high speed frames and no wifi may not save that much in development and production costs since the chips nevertheless  contain such battery eating extensions. BUT , launching high priced simplified camaea bodies might actually create a new fashion market for "slow photography" rather like the market that has grown for triplets and less well corrected lenses.

Makers of optics may not be able to make cheaper products by having software fixing corerectable lens faults rather than doing it in the design plhase, but if they sell old fashioned stuff at high prices they may still survive.

Myself I find the inelegant and volumious Nikon Z7 plus ancient Leitz , Zeiss , Nikon, Kinoptic  and Angenieux optics quite usable,  apart from its unfortunate tendency to randomly move the focus point (a button named "Do nothing" would be excellent.)


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