Manual focus more precise?

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Re: Manual focus more precise?

Stein Rune Risa wrote:

[..] How does the camera interact with the lens to focus? Does it "for a period" analyze the picture it sees through the lens and then adjusts the lens forward/back to achieve optimal focus based on the focus-analyses? Or has the lens "pre set steps" that the camera utilise (i.e. does not "see" the picture and adjust lens - but tells lens to "go to focus distance xx)?

Canon has never commented on this, but thanks the the mis-focussing issue on the RF70-200 and the lens firmware update that fixed it: DPAF seems to use the "Go to distance x" method. Or in control theory jargon: it's running open loop.

Apart from that, the R series also seem to pick the furthest point in the AF box to focus on, not the closest point like the DSLRs did. So if your subject is at an angle it might not focus where you think it focusses.

I haven't checked on the R5, but on my RP I could do a slightly better job at focussing when using manual focus and maximum magnification in the EVF, but, for me, that's only an option for static subjects in a controlled environment.

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