HDR often not necessary?

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Re: HDR often not necessary? Yep, I agree :-)

joptimus wrote:

In some cases as the one below I struggle, though. Sure, the focus is not what's outside the room, but to have it massively overblown, bothers me. These are only smart previews, since I'm traveling and don't have the original RAWs with me. But it shows the dilemma. It's from 2018, so I don't remember exactly how I perceived it. Sometimes I want to show the image more than I could see, sometimes that's counterproductive.

But these motives are few and far between to be honest.
When I'm home, I'll upload the RAWs here and maybe one of you is able to get a good result and I learn something.

So far I have never had a need for actual HDR processing.

For example, the first image below is your 2 images blended together in Photoshop Elements' Photomerge Exposure. It's just a few simple clicks to merge.

The second image below is your above original jpeg exposed for the outside and opened in PSE's Adobe Camera Raw. I tweaked the shadows and highlights in ACR and exported a tif to do a quick pass through in both Topaz Denoise AI and Sharpen AI.

For me, both images below are very useable but I would need the original raw files to get the best out of the image data.

Anyway, hopefully just some food for thought.

Photoshop Elements - Photomerge Exposure

Original exposed for outside processed through PSE's ACR, Topaz Denoise AI, Topaz Sharpen AI

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