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Re: Missing the point--what GIMP cannot do

charlyw64 wrote:

... The whole scene approach is completely screwed up because editing a photo has fewer constraints than a video has - constraints (straight jacket type) which Darktable now tries hard to enforce. And since the display (what a misnomer that is - it's a visual referenced workflow unless the tool is a total screwup to begin with) referenced tools are already being phased out. Thanks why I am going to discourage anyone putting in much time into that crap. If I didn't have a full time employment I would possibly fork before the wavelet mess (which is years before the main developer lost his mind and got into color grading (the sharpening in DT is completely messed up now as well since the deconvolution they try to use now too needs a setting to prevent the worst of artefacts if you have a good lens - which isn't working well)...

If you want a decent Open Source tool the look at ART or Rawtherapee, Darktable is going into a niche that has nothing to do with photography and is only relevant to videographers.

Thanks for your thoughts about Darktable.

I thought the filmic module and (either scene? or display?) referred workflow was harder and less effective than what I was already doing, so I didn't pay close attention to the controversy. Might be worth another thread, but I've stopped thinking about it.

One thing I will say: Darktable was able to produce closest to Fujifilm colors of any Raw converter I tried, or knew about. Lightroom is somewhat blah; Capture One over-saturated.

ART was downloaded to my Linux machine, but I never got a chance to learn it. Now I'm using DxO PhotoLab on MacOS. And GIMP!!!

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