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Re: OT - one person’s junk ….

We have had a few children who have all long since  set up their own far away establishments.  At first we kept their “precious things” because they had nowhere to put them.   However once settled their precious things have become “precious junk”. I think that this is one of the conundrums of parenting when the children’s home is not longer  their home and we become unwitting custodians of their stuff.

By wheedling, subterfuge and parenting influence much of this has been reduced by junking by acknowledgement, or taken away. The residual of this is arguably still good and in many cases suitable for our grandchildren.  But they get their own things.  But after some elapsed time the wheel turns and memories of their childhood and youth are now turning some residual items into momentos.

Good!  Just take it away ….

Not arguing or looking for assistance, but just assessing the situation that it is not just our collections over the years but can include things that are too good to simply throw or donate away and are not ours to do so and with a large(ish) house that is still small by the standards of the next generation McMansions there is a surprising amount of room to squirrel away things.

My main worry is not the issue of leaving things behind for others to deal with.  I am more concerned of lack of appreciation of value of individual items and if it ever gave rise to family ownership squabbles.

Whilst my marbles are still circulating and my health is relatively good I should apply myself to sorting out into: good, still useful, and still not quite worth getting rid of until I no longer have need of it. Do we ever need any more?

But value is only something at the back of the negotiator’s mind at the Estate Dispersal Sale.

Accountants  are  trained  in the various level of value: bought new-release, obsolete value, replacement cost, second hand cost, depreciated value, value between negotiating parties, fire sale value, car-boot sale, estate dispersal.  So what is “value”?

These things never change - one person’s junk is another’s treasure.

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