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Re: Landscapes w/850nm IR

larryj wrote:

brendanpaxton wrote:

larryj wrote:

Thanks Peter: I was hoping the original poster would see this and evaluate his post in this light. From his response I guess he did not and was some how offended by my rather mild response. i goes if he like his images I guess I should just shut-up and let him enjoy his work???

I did all the research, purchased all the equipment and hardware, traveled for the photo op, took the photos, brought the work back, worked on my edits, then posted a collection of 16 images that I even made a gallery for.

Yes, it was obviously an immense undertaking. An immense amount of controlled effort to produce what I shared. Of course I was very happy with them and I still am.

The only response I received was that I must not know how to capture IR. You then suggested that I consult someone else on how to shoot IR photography, as if I was looking to obtain different results. Not only that, you posted an image of your own work to explain what you think IR should look like (which wasn't even in 850nm).

You usurped my thread entirely.

Anyone would take offense at that. Cue the additional responses from others both trashing my photos [xpatUSA] and also ignoring my photos entirely and just commenting on yours [Peter].

Let's be honest. Rather mild response or not?

OK Brendan, let's be honest! Go to this site and see what other photographers are getting with the 850 nm IR filter.

I am not criticizing your vision or work ethic, but I am saying I do not understand your images. I am not saying your images are good or bad. It is only my personal opinion, my perception, and nothing more.

To get the aesthetic of my images, let's just take any one of the images from that page:

And do a levels adjustment:

I find this aesthetic calmer, warmer, quieter, and more dream-like, welcoming immersion, rather than being loud and overbearing (my personal take).

It has nothing to do with IR. This is a very simple edit using levels, or brightness & contrast, or curves, or luminance, or exposure, or vibrancy, or whatever your editing software calls it.

I could do the same in reverse for one of my images:

To match the other photo's brightness and contrast:

But the aesthetic is gone, and the image is bright and loud and uninteresting to me.

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