Favorite Walk Around Lens For Nikon DX SLR ?

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Re: Favorite Walk Around Lens For Nikon DX SLR ?

There are two versions of the Tamron 17-50/2.8 with built-in motor, one without VR that I believe is optically identical to the older one lacking the motor, and a still newer one with VR that may not be quite so good optically. These differ from the 18-55 VRII in their wider aperture, I am not sure they are much better optically when stopped down to the same apertures. The f2.8 aperture can be desirable by itself, of course, indeed this is my personal walk-around lens for DX. The 18-55 lenses focus more closely, though, which can also be useful. This is what I mean by the lenses not really being optically better than one another, just having different features. Pick what you want.

My Tamron has no motor and no image stabilization.  I got mine quite some time ago, before that I had a Sigma 18-50 f2.8.  When I got a D300 the Sigma lens didn't play nice with it.  I sent the Sigma back twice for repairs and nothing changed, so in protest I bought the Tamron 17-50 f2.8.  I thought the recommendation at that time was the non-stabilized lens was sharper.  I still have the lens but don't have anything newer than the D300 to use it on.  If I bought another DX body there is a high probability that it wouldn't have a motor and I still wouldn't be able to use that lens.

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