Rf to mft mount possible?

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Re: The RF R3ii is already on the drawing board

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The interesting thing is Nikon Z. They seem to have had a real change of corporate heart in moving from F's longish and narrow mount to the very short and wide Z, and thus arguably making themselves the easiest mount to adapt to (or for 3rd-party lenses to target).

Among other things they possibly were in a greater bind to make their lenses adaptable as they were probably under greater pressure to win over users from other mount systems.

Nikon is a smaller company than many people realize -- much smaller than Canon or Sony. I wouldn't be surprised if they really want 3rd-party lenses to fill-out their line because that can happen faster than they can make a full line of new lenses.

I basically knew that already - thanks.  It helps in commerce if you have a company that is huge and has many diverse products.  The Ricoh folks used to worry that Ricoh would go broke and exit the camera business. That they might exit the camera business is easily arguable but going broke is quite another issue.

Ricoh is a huge diverse company. I once had a statistic of just how many factories they had just in China - I forget but I guess-remember (say) “30”.  They had a strike in one of them and the quoted number of employees there alone was more than the entire  workforce of Leica-camera.  Ricoh almost treats it camera division as a hobby.

I am a retired professional accountant and did study Cost Accounting as well and therefore know that there many ways to account for business and would  hesitate to accept any pronouncement of economic health without quite a lot of inside information that I am not entitled to have

For an easy to understand example: a large firm with (say) 100 nation wide stores can run a few of them at a loss.  Locals might wonder if their store might go broke.  But their buying power is huge and if the rest of the stores are making money they can keep this up effectively forever if it suits their purpose.  Of course this sort of carry-on is probably illegal in most civilised countries but it does go on in semi-subtle fashion.  Called “buying a market”.

A national firm will move into a growing town set up shop and discount until they get whatever market share they are after then re-regulate their prices - simple.  Those local stores that try to compete go to the wall and provide the necessary market share.

I think that I noted Sony buying their market on an international scale with sharp pricing of their first series (at least) A7 type. Now that they have achieved the share of the market that they wanted the re-regulated and Sony gear is much of a muchness with the other majors.  They also seem to have made adapting lenses easier which they were still Sony-who? in the camera industry.

Getting market share and keeping it is what this is all about.

Panasonic who could have done a similar thing did not have the same niche exploitable and decided that they would produce into a quality niche rather than a head on price challenge - which of course might have been great for consumers but might have been devastating for the industry if we had a serious direct confrontation by corporations with very deep pockets at an inauspicious time.  Panasonic would no doubt have been the loser and Nikon would have struggled, like Olympus, through lack of product diversity and deep enough pockets.

As Panasonic is taking another path it would explain why their EF-L electronic adapter are  only truly good for Sigma EF mount lenses and a selection of easy-adapted EF lenses made by Canon and others.

Large highly diverse companies can withstand divisions that are not producing a lot of contribution to general overhead as long as they are contributing something over the direct cost of providing the goods that they sell. Just what level of patience might be applied depends on corporate strategy more than anything else.  But other parts of the business have to be highly profitable or the whole enterprise will fall in a heap.

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