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Re: GR3 minimum shutter speed setting

What kind of lighting conditions are these? It doesn't feel like these shots are in the daytime, but I could be wrong. If these are indoor, then F8 is just not appropriate. I don't have a GR (whoops), so I don't know what the available snap focus distances are that you can choose from. It sounds like you are just hoping that things will be sharp. If your kids are usually at 2m, then that should be your distance, but if they aren't, then maybe a longer one would be better?

I would say it seems like you just don't have enough light for what you think the camera should be able to do.

Have you tried playing with a DOF calculator before? Here's the first one I found to try:

Try setting the aperture and subject distance to different options, and see how much more or less you can get in the focus area. An example of what I mean is is you shot at F8 and 2 meters, only get about 1.92m in focus, but at F2.8 and 4 meters you get 2.5m in focus. So your zone of focus is greater with those second numbers, but that doesn't help if you always shoot at 2m...

When street shooters use snap focus, it's from practice and knowing their subject distance. The aperture controls how much is in focus at a given distance. If you just need your kid in focus, then the stuff in the background is not needed so you don't need F8.

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