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Re: Phone would do just fine, dedicated camera probably better.

timoteotresgatos wrote:

Thanks! I worry a lot about traveling to someplace like Venice where I may never go again taking just my phone and feeling like I got crappy pictures or I missed that one "great" (ha ha) picture by not taking my whale camera. Funny- I'm just another amateur photographer and don't aspire to greatness and not talented or dedicated enough for greatness, so what am I so worried about? Maybe I need a "shrink" instead of a change of cameras.

From my experience, it isn't the travel work that anyone cares about, but rather the family and event photos with recognizable people.  I honestly believe that when I'm gone nobody's even going to bother looking at my travel photography.  So I'm probably phasing out the heavy bag for future trips because of my age.  The phone was a real relief for me on this latest trip. But for personal work of higher quality I'm staying with the X-T4 and X-E2S.

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