Any love for GIMP ?

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Re: Any love for GIMP ?

CAcreeks wrote:

charlyw64 wrote:

You don't get compression degradation if you don't go through multiple save to jpeg, edit and save to jpeg cycles...

JPEG compression degradation is there from the beginning. Even at Q100 or Photoshop 12.

Yes, there is degradation that makes it unsuitable to store intermediate results which will be loaded and edited again. That's what I said and nothing forces you to use such an inferior storage! There isn't any inevitable degradation when you load from JPEG (as captured by the camera) and then save as TIFF for further editing until your editing is finished and you output the final JPEG. There is no advantage whatsoever to save the JPEG with the same parameters because even the slightest edit does make these parameters invalid - as you implied with your post about GIMP.

It gets worse with the first edit, less so with subsequent edits, especially if you change Q level.

You don't save in JPEG if you expect further editing is needed! Gimp even makes a clear distinction now in that it doesn't allow saving as JPEG, only exporting to that format!

I have very little experience with WebP and none with HEIC/HEIF or AVIF, but I believe all represent improvements for image re-editing.

Not really, neither of these is suitable for intermediate file storage. For those PNG or preferably TIFF are the correct choice! Only the final output should use a lossy compression!

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