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Re: Budget RF sports and Wildlife

Jsake wrote:

Given some of canons lens releases like the 600 & 800mm F11's and the new 100-400 f5.6-8. would it be feasible for someone like canon to release a sports and wildlife focused camera priced around $1,200?

given the state of current sensor technology, would it be feasible to create something capable of 10-15fps at the budget end? maybe using a lower resultion like 16MP?

seems odd that they would release these budget telephoto options but only really have the RP to match... Maybe they are already working on something?

The R is what you're looking for.

With RF lenses and high speed EVF settings, there is little or no lag, from what I have read. (I'm still on EF lenses, for the most part.)

With expanded point focus, you get a full 5 FPS with continuous focus, which is really pretty good. It wasn't long ago that the 5D series cameras bragged about that. That's the way to shoot actin with the R, as it always has been with DSLRs. Tracking is not as good as with the more expensive RF cameras.

High ISO performance and resolution are the same as the much heralded 5D4. Frame rates are close. Focusing is better.

I don't think you can do better for the price.

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That's my opinion, and it's worth what you paid for it.
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