Any love for GIMP ?

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Re: Any love for GIMP ?

When I first started digital photography I used pretty simple editors (e.g. IrfanView). Very limited in capability. When I needed to do more I started lusting over Photoshop. But, being cheap thrifty, I started using GIMP.

Eventually I found that PS did more of what I needed wanted to do so I paid the big bucks and switched to PS. Since the UIs were different there was a learning curve, but I eventually wound up with PS full time.

I consider my time with GIMP to be valuable. It enabled me to learn about layers and masking, which I consider the basic elements of advanced editing. I am glad I used GIMP, and I am glad I switched to PS. GIMP enabled me to learn those things without spending the big bucks until I was ready to do so.

I still have GIMP on my computer, although it doesn't get used much and I don't keep up with releases. But the use level, although small, is nonzero.

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