to use ND filters for Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 ART (Nikon F mount)

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Re: to use ND filters for Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 ART (Nikon F mount)

phillip518 wrote:


I am trying to use ND filters for Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 ART (Nikon F mount, which doesn't have the rear lens filter slot. )

I am under the impression that the only way to achieve this is to use a 150mm (or larger) filter holder. Am I on the right track? (100mm would be too small for this lens, as the diameter of the lens hood is 96.4mm).

Furthermore, it appears to me that I have to use the filter holder that is specifically designed for this particular lens with this particular mount, which limits the options to only a few products. Am I correct on this too?

Also, I have other lenses with different thread sizes. I should be able to get adapters for those so the same filter holder can be used to those lenses too, right?

If most of the above are true, which filter holder have you used for this lens and would like to recommend?

If some of the above are not true, what are the alternatives without sacrificing the image quality too much?


An alternative is to sell the lens and get another that has filter options. As you can see, pretty expensive for that model.

Whether the filter that works on the Sigma works on others depends; assuming they aren't as wide and big the 150mm holders have adapters that mayb work.

But with big wides it's tough; hard to get away with anything but the most expensive high quality filters.

I solve this problem by using clip filters; rear filters that fit between sensor and lens. I use the ones made by Kolari; not sure if they make them for Nikon. Astronomik makes them for Nikon though, The nice thing is that then they work with any lens. Obvously not CPLs though.

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