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Re: Traveling with only a phone camera

I just returned from a week-long trip to the beach with my wife and 3-year old son.  It was his first time seeing the ocean.

We brought along our iPhones - I have iPhone 12, my wife has iPhone 11.  I also brought along my Sony a6400 with a couple lenses.

I took out the Sony twice and took only a handful of photos.  The rest of the trip was documented by our iPhones and for the purposes of creating snapshots/memories they were perfect.  Also, the weather was a bit rainy.  No real need to worry much about the phones, while I was constantly worried about the Sony.

I know that the Sony is a much more capable device; however, the convenience of the phone is surely appreciated.

I have no plans on printing anything too large.

If I were going out solely with the intention of capturing photos, I'd be more inclined to bring all the gear.  However, when photography takes a back seat to other activities, I have no issue with just using the phone.

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