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Re: Perspective distortion also involves image size

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

Standard focal lengths for television have grown relatively wider with the introduction of high definition, 4K, and 8K, and are intended to be viewed a much closer distance than the 5-7 times screen width distance of the old standard definition television.

With a 55 inch diagonal 16:9 TV, viewed at a distance of 8 feet, wouldn't this make the focal length for a natural perspective 72 mm, if shot on 35 mm full frame (36 mm wide sensor)?

OK, some people have larger TVs and also sit closer, although some of the recommendations seem out of kilter with most UK domestic viewing arrangements: Sony recommend a distance of 39 inches (3.25 feet) from a 55 inch TV and 55 inches (4.58 feet) from a 75 inch TV - but these recommendations are closer than those of Ideal THX (40°) and only really make sense for those who exclusively view UHD content and have 20/20 vision. Maybe more applicable for those with a dedicated room?

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