Color/Luminosity separation

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Re: Doesn't work this way, LAB is not helpful.

Sounds like you'd just use an adjustment layer and put it on Luminosity blend-mode... But the thing with RGB is that every shift you make in one of the RGB channels, color and luminosity are always changed toghether. That's a thing inherent to the RGB color-model. Yes, by using blend modes like 'luminosity' you can apply some math to counter some of that effect. And you will have to judge for yourself if that is enough.

Also, the thing with actions is that they take a lot of steps, and you would have to control every step in that way to get a proper end result.

So if you really want to make a point out of it, I would make the layer you want to change into a Smart Object, open that up, change the blend mode to Lab, and just make the adjustments that alter the colour too much if you would do those in RGB. Then close out of that, and do the rest of the edits in RGB.

Yes, you would need to rewrite almost every action you have. And it would probably only help you on some edge cases.

Can you provide us with an actual example of an image where you have trouble doing your edits in RGB only?

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