Color/Luminosity separation

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Re: Doesn't work this way, LAB is not helpful.

Yes, thank you, it is definitely related too just not the way I seem to work with it.

What I am doing is keeping color as consistent/constant as possible while doing changes to the luminosity component that involve actual retouching of all sorts, including strong contrast changes.

Example. Take a portrait and slide Clarity (or similar type contrast enhancer, which are available as actions or external applications) and you will see the person look 'baked' and all the colors shift more toward the brown/gray spectrum. Skin color will look extremely unnatural right away.

But when color is separate and you only do that to luminosity what you see is a change in contrast that is much more natural looking and truly enhances the image, rather than making it look cartoony/scary/overdone.

HiLoRam type work is way too much for normal images, but looks spectacular in B/W and with some hard work can look good with color.

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