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Re: GR3 minimum shutter speed setting

HenryO12 wrote:

Thanks. I’m generally shooting my kids so I need a relatively quick shutter, no slower than 100 I wouldn’t have thought, as they never stop moving. Setting SS to 1000 was just a test really to see what happened. I set ap to F8 so that I can do snap focus at 2m and get most things in focus with a wide depth of field. I set max iso to 3200 to avoid noise. And then I set exposure to highlight weighted as I love the blacks and the dynamic range it produces.

So that was my basic reasoning. But appreciate it is a triangular balance!

It's good to hear your reasoning, but I'd question some of them if I could...

Do you really need "everything" 2m and beyond in focus, or just your fast moving kid subjects? Maybe use a wider aperture for the right distance and not for depth.

Avoiding noise and choosing 3200 iso don't usually go together. I mean that's better than say 6400+, but lower numbers will have less noise. I think I know what you mean but...

Your reason for using 1/100th for the kids is fine.

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