A point about the DSLR/.vs./MIRRORLESS

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Re: A point about the DSLR/.vs./MIRRORLESS

yray wrote:

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yray wrote:

BasilG wrote:

yray wrote:

It is relevant because of the referenced point in time when none of the S lenses yet existed, or had even been conceived. I find the notion that before the latest tech no one could take a decent pic ever so slightly on the preposterous side.

That's a straw man. Nobody made that claim.

Nobody might have made this claim explicitly because it is patently absurd...

Then why do you make it?

... but every time one upgrades beyond certain gear quality level, one makes this assumption implicitly, perhaps not for the entire world, but for one's own particular case.

That's clearly not true.

One has to...


There's a vast range of entirely reasonable possibilities in between "my old gear couldn't take decent pictures" and "my new gear helps improve my pictures". Your argument is still a straw man.

I just re-processed a bunch of photos from 2012. I still like them a lot, they certainly reach decency level, but I also know they would be improved in certain areas if 2021-level gear had been available to me back then.

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