Missed focus or camera shake?

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Re: See What Your Sensor Sees

Kit Lens Avenger wrote:

If your camera permits magnification within the EVF (eyepiece) you can get an appreciation of how devilishly hard is hand-holding an unstabilized lens of any focal length for a truly sharp photo.

Crank the magnification to 10X if available and watch the image dance despite your best efforts to hold it still.

In addition to acquiring sharp focus in the first place, you then have to hold it still enough for the duration of the exposure. This difficulty can only be tremendously amplified with the arms-out approach of an LCD screen.

For more fun, try the 10X view with an unstabilized longer lens like 200mm. Have some Dramamine handy.

I learned this in the 1970's while visiting my father in law.  He had a small laser pointer lying on a table that I taped to the side of my lens.  Try as I might, looking through the viewfinder, I couldn't manage to hold the pinpoint of light steady on a selected spot on the opposite wall.  No matter how well I thought I had braced my arms against my body, the light just danced around.

Went out and bought a good tripod the next week.

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