Budget RF sports and Wildlife

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Re: Budget RF sports and Wildlife

Jsake wrote:

Given some of canons lens releases like the 600 & 800mm F11's and the new 100-400 f5.6-8. would it be feasible for someone like canon to release a sports and wildlife focused camera priced around $1,200?

f /11 is not really a sports focussed lens, though it's usable for some wildlife. You're also asking for 10-15 fps, which is feasible for a mechanical shutter, but not if it's going to be made cheaply enough to be part of a $1200 camera. Shutter-less electronic readout will be able to do that in the near future, but the sensors that are currently cheap enough to use in a $1200 camera take something like a fifteenth of a second to read right across the sensor. That's fine for a lot of stuff, but not for anything moving fast.

Give it five or ten years, they should be working on it.

given the state of current sensor technology, would it be feasible to create something capable of 10-15fps at the budget end? maybe using a lower resultion like 16MP?

seems odd that they would release these budget telephoto options but only really have the RP to match... Maybe they are already working on something?

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